AppThemes, where the customer comes last

Need help? Good luck. No phones, faxes, email, text, smoke signals. Just because a business is in the tech sector, doesn’t mean it can ignore its customers and send them into the abyss of “THE FORUMS” Sorry guys, not good enough. I just paid $100 for one of your products and another $100 or so to your “PREFERRED HOSTING VENDOR.” It’s no different if I buy a $200 tire and it blows out two blocks away. I’d need to talk to someone and so would you. So how are you guys different from the blown up tire guys? Hey Jimmy, this dude just blew out a tire. No problem, send him to the forums.
Global Support Team
Get exclusive access to our customer support forum, tutorials, and more. Our support team is multilingual & globally dispersed for a balanced layer of customer coverage.

Author: N2OO2

Journalist and journalism professor.

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