What’s in a name?

I’ve had my blog, RalphBraseth.Com for probably 10 years. I received a renewal notice from WordPress and proceeded to re-up for another year. The problem is someone else was listed as the owner of my website. Talk about a disturbing discovery. It turned out that a friend who tweaked my website last year had possession of my info and used it to do his work. All is fair in love and war. Back up and running. Thank goodness.

CTA Red Line

The early tracks of the Red Line were laid down in 1900. The Red Line is the major north/south line in the city and is also the most popular carrying 250,000 passengers each day Monday through Friday. Today the Red Line runs 23 miles between 95th Street/Dan Ryan to the south, to the Howard stop, the northernmost station of the line. The Red Line has 33 stations providing Chicagoans and visitors with access to historic Chicago. The line runs 24/7, 365 day per year. el-traintrain-2

Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago

In the beginning Holy Name was not a cathedral church. The history of Holy Name Cathedral Parish is as much the story of Catholic immigrants and their new city, Chicago, as it is the story of bishops and seminaries. The Chicago Fire, the Chicago Subway, and most importantly, the dynamic changes within the city’s population and the Church itself, all left their mark on the Holy Name community. From the Holy Name Website