Lake Michigan’s 3:00 a.m. Tantrum

Lake Michigan loses it’s temper when winds hit 30 MPH. It’s one of my favorite times at the beach. Drowns out all other noise and sounds like the Pacific Ocean.

night waves, lake michigan, a tempest at 3:30 a.m. from ralph braseth on Vimeo.

A fight between a 45 caliber and some 2% milk that was minding its own business

A video with no meaning whatsoever other than I had two compelling visuals and I mixed ’em up.

With the greatest of ease

There are about 50 “non-traditional” window washers across Chicago. These guys, by law, are allowed to swing off ropes to clean windows providing the weather cooperates. Without exception, each washer I’ve met is Mexican-American and looks like he’s been poured out of a mold. They look like gymnasts and I guess that makes some sense. None claim to be fearless, but heights are not the issue. They worry about equipment failure and wind. I video taped these three guys through the window of my apartment on the 34th floor. I continue to be surprised at the pay for rope-dangling, window washing. It’s about $17.00 an hour.

Chicago’s very own, Universal Dancers

More than 40 local Latinos make up the Universal Dancers. High energy, athletic, gymnastic, smiling and fun to watch. A crowd favorite at the 2013 Mexican Independence Day Parade, these young people have bigger and more lucrative venues on their minds.

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