Coco Chanel would roll over in her grave

An iconic brand, Chanel is known for its timeless, elegant and to a degree, conservative fashion. The merchandise has remained distinctive and true to the vision of its chief architect, Coco Chanel, who passed away in 1971. Chanel was revered among the fashion designer elite. Fans and critics alike even today suggest there has never been a more influential person in the world of elegant design.

Now as for the window display on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, in addition to the completely goofy looking air vent pipes, there is no symmetry, no strong design elements and plain old bad, crooked lines. The display does not highlight the clothes, but instead forces one to look at the mess that surrounds them.

This window display can be explained in one of only two ways in my opinion. Chanel sales among its traditional customers are dropping off and Chanel wants the Banana Republic crowd or Chanel’s store designer had a horrible December and completely lost his/her way in the land of Coco’s elite fashion that will always represent France’s premier fashion house: Chanel.

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Coco Chanel

Photo Douglas Kirkland, Look Magazine, 1962.



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