The nobility of education

I think teaching is probably like any other job in that after 25 years, ones bones grow tired. Every once in a while you need

Chicago's future, you're looking at them and you should be encouraged

to find a way to slap on a new set of tires in order to keep your enthusiasm and sincere care. I had one of those experiences last August. Loyola and Indiana University partnered up and put on a five-day sports journalism workshop for Chicago high school students. The workshop was made possible with a grant from the McCormick Foundation. We lived sports journalism for five days. The students interviewed a Chicago Bulls Coach, the GM of the Chicago White Sox, attended a Chicago Fire soccer game and were given press credentials for the after game interviews (the toughest question asked came from one of our students). By the end of the five days, the students produced a television show and website that can be seen here.  The students said it was the educational experience of their lifetime. As for me, I sat back and watched the curiosity, the passion, the energy and the love of 15 teenagers. Teachers, especially K-12 teachers have become punching bags in this country. Some of us deserve it, the vast majority of teachers don’t much care what others think. They are too busy making a difference in the lives of young people. Is there anything more important?

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