Lake Michigan begins its transformation from water to ice

People from throughout the Midwest and beyond flock to Lake Michigan in the warm summer months. Although not quite as comfortable, exploring Lake Michigan during the winter is much more dramatic. Normally ice starts to cover the lake in January and begins its big thaw in March. The ice on the lake is getting a head start this year, which doesn’t mean much. Or it could mean it’s going to be the coldest damn winter in the history of Chicago. Near the lower third of my photograph you’ll see a flock of white birds. I have no idea what those are. For some mind-twisting photographs of ice on Lake Michigan, check out the work of photographer, Tom Gill.

Lake Michigan Lake Michigan from atop the John Hancock on January 22. This is one of the most remarkable sights I can remember. To see it in-person is stunning. It seems as if Lake Michigan goes on forever. It seems like this lake right now would define cold water. I hope the fish have sweaters. On second thought, they may be throwing a party. No barbed hooks with irresistible snacks on the end. Here’s to the good fish and damned be the Asian carp. Hail Michigan, not the university, the lake.

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