Chicago Police Department


I’ve always loved Chicago police cars. Unlike NYC’s spit and polish cruisers, CPD’s cars look like they been in chases, crashes and had bullets shot through them. Many have. The city is modernizing its fleet and cars like this will no longer be seen on the street. I’ll miss them. On the subject of CPD, there are about 12,000 Chicago police on the city payroll. Approximate budget for the year is $1.3 billion. According to the CPD homepage, police start off at $48,000 and get bumped to $72,500 after 18 months.

The city’s finest and sometimes meanest

The city's finest and sometimes meanest

I always enjoy watching the tough guy cops — young, new, muscles and haircuts — break out of character and seem so utterly human at times. Chicago uniforms are famous for flirting. Which group engages in flirting more often and at a higher level, firefighters or cops? Not even close. Cops.

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