Ralph Braseth, Ph.D. 

Braseth has spent the past 28 years as a journalist and journalism professor. He picked up his first camera to document the life of his friends and his interests in capturing images has grown exponentially. 

Braseth shoots photographs, video and both video and photos using drones. His experience includes work in magazines, newspapers, radio, online, but he spent most of his career as a reporter/producer/anchor in the TV news business. He says the common thread running through all forms of media is the love of the written word. Braseth aspires to the writing ideals of William Zinsser, arguably the finest teacher of non-fiction, who believes simplicity is the key to good writing. 

Regardless of the storytelling medium, Braseth approaches his work with intellectual honesty, compassion, an obligation to write what is true and with a set of ethical guidelines and a sense of humor when called for. 

While a generalist in most of his work, Braseth possesses a degree of expertise in the following subject areas. 

  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Constitutional Law
  • Courts
  • Crime
  • Education
  • Portraits
  • Poverty
  • Race
  • Street Journalism

Braseth says he never met a person he didn’t want to talk with and can usually find a great story about any person with five well thought-out questions. 

Braseth says the finest storytellers he’s met are not necessarily the smartest or hardest working; instead they’re curious and still find awe and wonder in the world.





Braseth is an avid swimmer, a mentor to two teenagers, works as a volunteer for a homeless project and is currently writing a farce focusing on racial tensions in America. 
Braseth has earned more than 40 awards for journalism and public relations including a first-place national prize from the Society of Professional Journalists. His documentaries have earned national awards including a University “Emmy” award. The Mississippi Press Association awarded Braseth their most important recognition; the President’s Award, and his Hurricane Katrina photos and video work are included in the State of Mississippi Museum and other gallery permanent collections. Braseth’s greatest professional accomplishment is having helped more than 300 students get their first media-related jobs. 






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