4 thoughts on “Three of Chicago’s finest”

  1. Professor, this may be a framed shot of what Chicago’s biggest problem. “Horse and Buggy solutions are not likely to stop the killing in the streets. Don’t misundertake me! I still like horses and I’ve been thrown plenty. I still even like most police and law enforcement personnel. I got pulled over by Hiway Patrol a few nights ago and I thought the officer was an old friend so when he asked “You Drinking” I just said what I always say, “You Buying” we laughed and laughed and then he said “No, seriously you’re eyes are kinda bloodshot, have you been drinking and smoking cannabis?” I said ” Why no officer! Gosh, your eyes look kind of glazed have you been eating donuts?” We laughed and laughed. I need bail money!

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  2. My man. Guess what, I finally figured out how to read and respond to comments on this damn thing. You’ve been polite enough to continue writing. I never knew you were writing until someone pointed it out to me. Hope you are doing good my brother. Where you living these days?


  3. I taught at Valley State in Itta Bena 2008 until 2013. They didn’t renew my contract for teaching 2013-14 sessions, because they were concerned that I was writing a book that might reveal the real problems at Valley that Dr. Donna Oliver could not solve. My Grandson David and I moved to Madison and lived with my sister until she moved to Pigeon Forge. Then we moved to Ridgeland. While I was teaching I began to develop symptoms of Osteo arthritis and it’s progressive, and it’s gotten worse. On November 22nd, 2016 I got the 100% Disabled decision from SS. So much else has happened good and bad since last we talked. I’d need two or three hours to catch you up. I have been reading and enjoying your posts every time I get one. I like Chicago but you know us corn row boys don’t do well in that kind of cold! Maybe me and Davy can take the City of New Orleans to Chicago and see y’all sometime.


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