Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago

In the beginning Holy Name was not a cathedral church. The history of Holy Name Cathedral Parish is as much the story of Catholic immigrants and their new city, Chicago, as it is the story of bishops and seminaries. The Chicago Fire, the Chicago Subway, and most importantly, the dynamic changes within the city’s population and the Church itself, all left their mark on the Holy Name community. From the Holy Name Website

Author: N2OO2

Journalist and journalism professor.

2 thoughts on “Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago”

  1. It’s incredible! This is really beautiful. When I see a place like this tho what I really want is a 62 Stratocaster, a small tube Marshall , a WAWA pedal and sing as loud as I can, In the Presence of the Lord!


  2. Bubba, please forgive me. I’ve never thought I’ve gotten any messages because I’ve never seen them. Until now. So I turned on some damn button and here we are. I sure hope you are doing well, brother. I still have the prayer you gave to me when my mom passed away. You’re a good man.


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