One thought on “Ice in December”

  1. Professor, it must be that Global Warming caused by greedy industrialists in capitalist nations, since they are the only ones whose carbon emissions the socialists want to limit, right? Oh I forgot it must be the “Global Climate Change” the idiom PBS is now using to hedge their bets, just in case it turns out that what the Solar Surface experts say turns out to be correct and the real reason for the weather change (Not Climate Change) is solar flares and changes in the solar storms on the sun’s surface. When Jackson MS flooded in 79, the officials said “We didn’t say the river would crest 98 feet, we said the river would rise to 98 feet, ” Lesson in using terminology you can twist and disavow later just in case you’re wrong! If what the Global Warming cry baby socialists say were true they wouldn’t have to gerrymander their research results to fit their predictions. PS that ain’t science, that’s socialist propaganda politics! As witness the current election results, they will say and do anything to overturn the will of all the people who won’t drink and think their socialist koolaid! What do you think? Global Warming or a Communist Conspiracy ? Maybe just weather?


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