One of the one-percenters

Minus two degrees on Monday, January 18, just after midnight, leaning against one of the swankiest hotels in Chicago.

Most of the people who pan-handle on the streets of Chicago are not homeless. They may be drug-addicted, alcoholic or just plain broke, but the majority are not homeless. This middle-aged guy sleeps in this neighborhood regularly. It’s one of the richest zip codes in the city (60611). It was stinging cold that night. The warm-air grate he was sitting on is part of the Sofitel Hotel. A luxury hotel my any standards. Most businesses shoo the homeless away, but on very cold nights, the hotel manager lets this guy be. While certainly no grand solution, it’s one person’s way of making sure another person has another day. homeless

Author: N2OO2

Journalist and journalism professor.

One thought on “One of the one-percenters”

  1. Professor, If I didn’t learn anything else from you at Ole Miss, I’m very proud to say I learned that Dr. Braseth is even handed and fair to a fault. This could be said from any political standpoint about anything you write or post, at almost any time. PS for my colleagues at UM and all those listening this is not hyperbole, no one tries to be as Real and Politically Correct at the same time, as Dr. Braseth, God help me as a former student I just can’t seem to call him Ralph, even if he calls me Bubba! Now I’m going to cross the line and say some things that sound really cruel, but think before you condemn. Drugs should be made completely legal. if you want to kill yourself with narcotics, cocaine, crack, uppers, downers, and if you want to sit around your house drop acid and smoke weed until you’re part plant and part human DO IT! If you want to be my Doctor, my lawyer my minister at church, my bus driver, truck driver, my train engineer my pilot etc, etc ad infinitum, you can not and must not take any of that crap, unless you are ready, at all times, to present a breath, piss, blood sample or whatever it takes to make sure you ain’t screwing up something, best left for people who are not under the influence. For those people that want to “Trip the Light Fantastic”, I understand, however please stop wasting our air, water and other important resources. We have empty mental hospitals all over America. We have empty military bases and unemployed veterans, once the “Drug Problem” has been eliminated, all the people that work, in a drug interdiction, enforcement capacity, for the DEA, FBI, CIA, Police drug units, prosecutors, defense lawyers , drug court employees, prison and especially “PRIVATE PRISON” employees can then go to work managing these facilities! I understand that these jobs will by attrition soon be eliminated, still it will be a good transitional phase for all of these individuals who previously made their lives and income from other peoples pain. Since they are under DOD we can just keep calling them under that designation, But refer to them as “Disney Lands of Death” People go there to kill themselves with drugs of their choice or if they’d rather not they can get REHAB if they really want it , (because most really don’t) just have not had the real black and white choice before. Cruel? I have watched junkies jonesing, young people that are coming down from a crack binge that would take a beating for just one more hit and people who will sleep on a grate just because they won’t go to a shelter where they can’t bring their pipe and their MD 20%. Now i have to stop because in spite of the fact that I am well recognized as the meanest old white man in Mississippi I’m chocking up. Americans have one very serious problem, Physiological Reactance. Better know as the “Forbidden Fruit Syndrome” “ What do you mean I can’t have that, Do you know who I am? I’m an American, I can have any ___cking thing I Fuc____ want! It’s not a “Disorder” until it starts to kill you! “ Sorry to go all preachy on you Dr. Braseth. With my solution, you’d never have to see anyone else sleeping on a grate!


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