Ms. Kimmons and Cheryl “the peril” Kimmons, mom and sister to Keith

kimmons The Kimmons women are hanging in there. However, Keith had so many friends that Ms. Kimmons and Cheryl often run into people who don’t know Keith passed away. Both say it’s hard to talk about his death because there continues to be a lot of pain in recounting his story. A former student from Ole Miss and now a reporter in Tulsa stopped by today at work and he saw the photos of Keith in the control room without me pointing them out. He stood there not saying a word. Keith was his mentor. It’s strange to walk downstairs and not see him. My God I miss my friend. Me and hundreds of others.

Author: N2OO2

Journalist and journalism professor.

2 thoughts on “Ms. Kimmons and Cheryl “the peril” Kimmons, mom and sister to Keith”

  1. Strange. Just today I thought about Keith and wondered how you and his Mom and family were doing without him now six months after his death. It feels like it just happened and it still seems surreal. Hard to believe he’s really not here anymore…despite this, I can still hear his syrupy Southern voice clear as a bell in my head.


  2. Makes me happy to see this. Good to see them smiling, and their smiles remind me so much of his. I miss him. What a classy guy.


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