Madonna della Strada

altarThe Madonna della Strada is the heart and soul of Loyola University Chicago’s Lake Shore campus. Madonna della Strada is a chapel on the campus of Loyola University Chicago in the neighborhood of Rogers Park, Chicago: it is named after the motherchurch of the Jesuit Province of Chicago (one of the largest Jesuit provinces). The chapel was built on the lakefront with the waters of Lake Michigan directly at its front doorstep. The church was designed and built at a time when it was anticipated that Lake Shore Drive would be extended and pass directly in front, but that project was abandoned.
Renovation of Madonna della Strada began in July 2006 and concluded in August 2007.Several chapel churches in Latin America were named after the chapel church in Chicago, as a tribute to Loyola University Chicago Jesuit and student missionaries.The Madonna Della Strada Chapel is the main chapel on the Lake Shore Campus of Loyola University Chicago. The chapel was designed in the Art Deco Style and opened its doors to the Loyola University Chicago Community in 1938. Info courtesy of Wikipedia because my typing pointer finger hurts like it has a 5cm chuck of glass sticking in it all the way to the bone.

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