Out of the gate early, Chaniere Energy leads the pack

<p>As business leaders, politicians and investors have discovered over the past six months, a once sleepy energy stock, Chaniere Energy will be the first company able to liquify natural gas at its Sabine Pass plant located at the Texas-Louisiana border. It’s interesting to read blog posts and stock ratings from two and three years ago. At that point, Chaniere had the pipes headed the wrong way. The company expected to be in the import gas business. Engineers are now retrofitting the storage and the areas where gas is liquified. While other energy companies are still working on plans, Chaniere &gt;LNG Ticker&lt; expects to put its product on ships and start selling American LQD in 2O15 to international markets. Pulling up the rear are a few of the behemoth American oil companies. How all this will play out over the next ten years will be fascinating, but for the time being, a long shot is running wire to wire in the early races. There will be plenty of stories coming out of Sabine Pass in the future. One of the biggest will be tracking the well being of LNG in the quarters and years ahead. Since November 13, ’12 through March 29, ’13, the stock has doubled. Who knows what happens from here, some Wall Street analysts believe LNG could tank in price with a construction or environmental mistake. However, the majority of Wall Street crystal ball gazers believe LNG. Credit Suisse has an outperform rating on LNG and in the headline of it’s analysis tells investors it’s time to get aggressive. I have never heard that language from any large firm. Goldman sounds pretty serious when they knight a stock with a “Conviction Buy.” Think of the difference between the two words. Conviction versus aggressive. An export facility is just one piece of the ongoing LNG puzzle. We will delve into others in the coming weeks. <a href=”https://ralphbraseth.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/cheniere-energy-inc.jpg”><img id=”i-859″ alt=”Image” src=”https://ralphbraseth.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/cheniere-energy-inc.jpg?w=490&#8243; /></a></p>

Author: N2OO2

Journalist and journalism professor.

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