Port Madison, Bainbridge Island, WA, USA, Summer Sunset, 2O14

sunset port madison

Port Madison, USA

port madison 2

Sail Boat and Ferry, Puget Sound

Majestic Mount Rainier, 14,410

It’s not the tallest mountain in the lower 48, but it’s the most beautiful. The Rockies are just as beautiful and even taller, but they are clumped together. The drama of Rainier is the fact it stands without peer in the Cascades. Alone. Solo. Raw power. The Space Needle is not the icon of the state. You’re looking at it. rainier

Seattle Sunrise

Patterns everywhere,

Life and patterns. They are not whimsical or ill-thought out or random. Water, brain waves, stock markets, heart beats, love, hate, death, birth and sand. But you have to look. This was not an extraordinary day at the ocean. It was very ordinary. Wind, water and waves and waves of sand leave their mark before they leave to cut a new groove or built a new mount toward the dunes. When looking at this video, it became clear to me why dunes are so critical. Amazing. It all started from laying on the beach and having some sand blown in my eye. Rather than get up, I looked at the sand from eye level and that’s where my newest proven patterns exist.

All that glitters is green

Is all that glitters not gold. According to the store owner, shiny silver, sexy manikins do indeed bring buyers off the street. Ahhhh. Sex and capitalism. Yes indeed, it sells after all these years. P1040703


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