World Class Norwegian Bakery

Come for the gourmet and stay for the people.

Come for the gourmet and stay for the people.

Family owned Sluys Bakery is located in Poulsbo, Wash.,a Norwegian Village of 1O,OOO, a ferry ride from Seattle and 3O minutes of drive time. Work ethic and craftsmanship? Yes, open 7 days a week from 4:3O a.m. until 6:3O p.m. Sluys Bakery is remarkable. The people behind the counter are so polite, know everything about each product and exude professionalism. I try to walk in the door when few others are in the bakery because a lengthier talk with an employee is enlightening. Bakery products from supermarkets are more expensive than most items at Sluys. That’s the community ethos. People can afford to shop for what a NYC trendy bake house would charge three times as much for. Respect. It’s about respect.

Olympic Mountains, Autumn Sunset

Black & White





In the course of less than 1O minutes, these two guys, John Henry Elliston, 65 and Stevo, 23 hit it off like they were good friends. Seemed like something out of Haight Ashbury in 1968. They discussed God and the book Paradise Lost. John Henry was getting off work. Stevo was in court most of the day with his court appointed attorney fighting a vehicular assault charge. His car went into a ditch injuring the front-seat passenger. I told him that didn’t make sense. How could there be a criminal charge if there was no intent? Stevo said the charge was proper, he went down down the embankment while high and the car was stolen 15 minutes beforehand. “I injured my passenger in the commission of a felony.”

Port Madison, Bainbridge Island, WA, USA, Summer Sunset, 2O14

sunset port madison

Port Madison, USA

port madison 2

Sail Boat and Ferry, Puget Sound

Majestic Mount Rainier, 14,410

It’s not the tallest mountain in the lower 48, but it’s the most beautiful. The Rockies are just as beautiful and even taller, but they are clumped together. The drama of Rainier is the fact it stands without peer in the Cascades. Alone. Solo. Raw power. The Space Needle is not the icon of the state. You’re looking at it. rainier


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